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Remember me? What can I say, summer happened and all desire to maintain a blog went bye-bye! I haven’t really been doing much crafting, as the weather has been so nice for the past couple months. It’s too much to sit inside with a pile of wool on my lap when the sun is shining!

We are still in our same house. We are in no hurry to move, but it’s not like any offers have come yet. :O But that’s okay. The market is terrible. All our friends are here in this area, and it’s SUMMER! When it happens, it happens. We’ll pack up our things and move north, saying our temporary farewells to our good friends. And we’ll say fond and final farewells for those people in life that I we really won’t miss. Like, I won’t miss Mr. 17 Year Old next door racing his dirt bike up and down the street. I won’t miss his friends parking in front of our house all the time. Things like that. 😉

I did start some knitting a few weeks ago, but have little progress to show. None, in fact. I frogged it out tonight! It was a window valance in feather and fan stitch. I was slow going on it, and once I got to the stitch pattern, I mucked up somehow and my cast-on number was off. Or I mucked up the lace part. I don’t know. I’ll restart… maybe tomorrow. 🙂 I have an incentive to stay inside right now, actually, I discovered streaming television and have been catching up on the new Dr. Who series. I like it, it’s humorous. Way campy at times, but really, what do you expect? The actors are pretty decent. The character of Rose is kind of annoying, but Billie Piper plays her well. Christopher Eccleston is strange to see as a Doctor, but he grew on me after the second episode. I like his inappropriate reactions, and his giggles in the peril of danger.

I also got another hobby, this time not so much craft related, but it’s an addiction like crafting is. I don’t know why, but I got into Blythe dolls. I purchased three in the past month. I have a Primadolly Ashlette named Annuszka who I am completely customizing, a My Best Friend that I named Tatiana, and coming soon is an Ashton Drake Gallery reproduction of one of the originals, a Pretty Paisley. I don’t know what I will name her. They’re really kind of lovely and intensely creepy all in one big-headed doll. Their eyes shift directions and colors with a pull string, so you can make them look like they’re up to something. A Flickr group I am entertained by is Blythe Behaving Badly. Moo ha ha ha. The photos of excessive drinking and debauchery are hiiiighly amusing. Though that customized boy Blythe is FREAKY.

Anyway, if you are on Ravelry, look me up. I’m Lelah over there. I haven’t gotten all my projects and stash up, and I probably won’t get to the stash for a while (it’s in storage). But look me up all the same.


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Well, I am sorry for being a bad blogger. I had a health emergency last Thursday, and was in the hospital until last Monday. Or was it Tuesday? I’ve been trying to get my personal life back in order, and something life-changing happened: my husband got a new job! He’ll be working in NYC twice a week, then the other three days will be out in the lower 5 or 6 counties of the Hudson River valley. So guess what that means… we’re MOVING. Right now we are in central Jersey, and the commute will be impossible for him.

This is scary and wonderful all at the same time. I’ve been wanting to get out of NJ since I moved here with my parents from Ohio. So now it is finally happening. However, this means that my hubby and I have to get this house ready to sell, and scout out a town to live in up there. We don’t know the area at all. Yesterday after church we took a drive up to the Beacon/Fishkill area. Beautiful! But, a little too pricey. The taxes up there are a lot lower than what we’re used to, but the houses in those towns are like $100k more than what we want to pay. We went to a random open house, and met a realtor/broker. He has lived in the area all his life, and mentioned some new houses going up in our price range. I don’t really want to live in a development, but it will be good for our future kids. And a new house means no DIY projects that have to be done!!

I want to type more, but my dog is giving me the poop whines. 🙂

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I’m sitting on the couch with the laptop, and Bubba is[=-]also trying to
–type-l. Sorry for not posting recently, I’ve had a really hectic week where I ‘ve been job interviewing. Three in three days! I was hired by the first company (a freelance agency), had an interview the next day for a search engine company, and today the agency sent me on an interview. I hope they hire me, they’re looking for a full-time medical editor, but will take whoever knows AMA style. I kind of want to work freelance for a while, but job stability is cool in the right place. This place is a pharma ad company, and the office was seriously killer- really well designed. The kind of place you could work in without wanting to jump off a cliff. And we all know how I love creative environments!

I don’t think I want the search engine job, it requires someone with a linguistics background, which I have, but it’s only a short term contract position. 4 months. Hmmm. No! At least with the agency I have short spurts here and there, but they take care of everything. Yippee.

On the craft front, I have started The Garter Belt’s Sizzle sweater. Hot, eh? Although I am not one for showing my bewbs, as I have none. So I am making it a size larger than me so I can wear a shirt underneath. Why show off something you don’t have? Heh!

Well, have a great weekend everyone.

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The weather is nice enough here to take photos outdoors again! I’ve been busy, knitting, dyeing, spinning… you know, me stuff. 🙂

First up we have a felted bowl from

    One Skein

I made the largest size, and it really ended up being too long, so I just folded it over. Simple enough solution. It was waaaay fast and easy to knit. Took me a night to knit, wouldn’t this be a great present? Maybe with ribbon woven into the sides? I used the recommended Lamb’s Pride Bulky. I really like how it turned out, that yarn always felts well. I shaped it over a mixing bowl from Ikea. It is now in my dining room, on my hutch, holding my scented things refill packs (yannow, Febreeze Noticables, Glade Scented Oils…).

Next up:
Yarn of course! It’s superwash sock yarn, dyed in chocolate, seafoam green, and ecru. With the natural white of the yarn showing in, too, because I like it that way. I dye it that way on purpose using the Jelly Jar/Stock Pot method. Works the best for me- no mess, no fuss, just mix dye, put water in the jars and the stock pot, then put already wet yarn in like so:

After about 45 minutes simmering time, the dyebaths are exhausted and a little color creeps up into the white (this was a photo early on). Later, I decided I hated the pink, and dyed that the chocolate color after it had dried. I really like the final results! I am giving half to a swap buddy and saving half for myself.

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Well, I have been without the internet and also sick with a cold, so I thought I would blog about my old projects that I have done.

Glampyre’s Bulky Cable Cardigan, out of Brown Sheep’s Lambs Pride Bulky in Sage. Knit in Fall ’05.

Gary Potter socks in Gryffindor’s house colors for my Dad, Gary. Out of Brown Sheep’s Naturespun. He likes them so much he never wears them. 🙂 Knit Christmas ’05.

s4010009.JPGSocks for Mom, Christmas ’05. I think these were Regia… or something. Jungle colorway. I know that I remember that.

Clapotis in progress, out of some 50%wool/50% silk Cherry Tree Hill yarn in Green Mountain Madness (not too much green in there, though!!). Now finished. Knit… in… winter ’05/’06.

Socks knit from Sock Yarn Swap pal. Gifted to Mom, summer ’06. She loves her socks and wants more more more more…

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**EDIT** WordPress made my pictures look icky in the thumbnails, click for big for a clear photo.

Imagine Wikipedia only for knitting, and you’ve got KnitWiki! Isn’t that neat? Yes. I couldn’t save it for next Tuesday. But I will repost then, too, just in case anyone misses it.

Okay. My feet are always freezing. What is up with that?

And on my own craft front, I have four! WIPs.

First off is a baby hat I am making for the lelah.etsy.com shop, made out of my hand-dyed yarn, in my Cloud colorway. Picot edging! Yey!


Here is my second WIP, my Japelesque jade sweater. Almost to the ribbing!


And a sewing project! Simplicity 4077, view D. See Elizabeth’s here (scroll down). Mine will be out of a really pretty light grey print, almost an understated kimono fabric. But this is calico, because who doesn’t love calico fabric?

And my last one, well, I will post it when I am finished. 🙂 It’s my quilt school practice piece. I only have to do the shamrock, then I am done. Just in time for me favorite holiday in March, St. Paddy’s Day.

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So I do have an Etsy shop. I will be slowly adding things here and there, but mostly, I will have BUTTONS on it. 🙂



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